Mowhanau Seashell Pendants

Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely love the beach - it is my favourite place to be, other than at home.

The weather could be absolute rubbish, freezing cold, wind blowing a gale and I'd still find peace in just breathing it all in.

Mowhanau or Kai Iwi beach is my favourite local beach - located a short 15 minutes drive from Whanganui.
You can find me there frolicking in the waves with my two young boys or scouring the shoreline for anything that might catch my eye. I used to have a problem with picking up any old stone or shell (or driftwood, let's be honest) and hauling them all home 😂

I found this shell a couple years ago at Mowhanau and always knew I wanted to cast it into metal one day...

I hope you love them as much as me!

Opal xx

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Mowhanau Shell Pendant - Custom Made to Order

From  $170.00

Mowhanau Shell Pendant - Gold + Diamond


Mowhanau Shell Pendant - Silver + Aquamarine


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